SM-1001 Smart Toilet

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One-Piece Intelligent Smart Toilet


  • Material :Vitreous China
  • Bowl Shape: Elongated
    Installation type :Floor Mounted
  • Water consumption : 1.28 Gpf ( 4.8L )
    Feet touch automatic flip seat cover included
  • Wax ring and bolts included
    Flexible connection hose included
  • Tornado flush
    Electrical Leakage protection
  • Seat cover heating adjusting
    Water temperature adjusting
  •  Warm air drying
    Luminous lighting
  • Female wash
    Hip cleaning
  • Multi-functional remote control
    LCD display
  • Jet spray self-cleaing

About this item:

  • [TOTALLY HYGIENIC]: Posterior wash, Feminine wash, Adjustable water pressure.
  • [AUTOMATIC FLUSH]: The seat will activate the self-cleaning bidet/spray wand and follow by a
    powerful flush on your departure for hands-free operation
  • [AUTO OPEN AND CLOSED]: Smart toilet features begin as you approach the toilet. The lid
    automatically opens hands-free to welcome you
  • [HIGH EFFICIENCY FLUSH] Quiet and powerful average 1.28GPF Tornado flush bring you a
    super-quiet and efficiency flush


  • Rough In Size :12”(305mm)
  • Overall Dimensions: 27.16”X17.3”X18.9”(690X440X480 mm)


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SM-1001 Smart Toilet